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Meeting with the club's masseur.

We invite you to discover the presentation of Lausanne City FC's masseur, Rachid Dridah.

Hello Rachid, how are you ?

I am very well thank you. Enthusiastic about the future.

Tell us about yourself in a few words ?

I am a great lover of sport and movement in particular. I have been working as a masseur and coach in various sports for 40 years.

Why did you choose to join the Lausanne City staff ?

What strongly motivated me to join the staff of the club was above all the quality of the project but also the people behind it.

"My role will be to take care of the players".

What does this club's project mean to you ?

This project means for me to be part of the dynamics of something innovative, never created in this structural and refreshing form.

You have already been to other clubs in Vaud, what differences do you feel between these clubs and the Lausanne City project ?

The previous clubs that I have been through are old models that operate in a classic mode, dating from another era. However, what I discover with Lausanne City is totally different. It embodies modernity, attractiveness and the future.

Tell us about your role in the club ?

My role will be to look after the care of the players, massage and recovery after the match, injury management mainly in relation with the physical trainer and the coach in order to optimize the performance of the first team players.

When and how do you intervene with the players ? Do they ask you to do so ?

I intervene mainly at the request of the players or the technical staff.

"The Lausanne City embodies modernity, attractiveness and the future"

What can we wish you in this new challenge ?

The pleasure of sharing our common experiences in an intelligent way with a group spirit that will undoubtedly pull the whole group upwards.

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