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Jean-Luc Fleury, meeting with the club's physical trainer.

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

After the presentation of the main coach of the club, we are pleased to be able to present a member of his staff, Mr. Fleury, the physical trainer.

First of all, how are you ?

Hello, I'm very well, thank you. After a few years of interruption following various disappointments, health problems and also for lack of motivation, I felt the need to return to my loves. I just waited for the right opportunity, it finally arrived.

Can you talk about yourself in a few words ?

Since my youngest age, I evolve in sport at more or less high level. Following an accident 30 years ago, my sports career turned to coaching and physical preparation. I found that this activity within the clubs was not taken seriously enough, which is why it is so close to my heart. If you look closely, there are more injuries in the lower leagues, juniors and seniors, due to insufficient physical preparation.

What does Lausanne City FC mean to you ?

A new story, a great challenge. Lausanne City is a name that sounds good. Like many people, he reminds me of those great professional football clubs. So why not bring professionalism to amateurism.

"Lausanne City is a name that sounds good"

Can you explain what are your functions in the technical staff

Lausanne City FC ?

I would be the physical trainer. I would do my best to guide each player in a quality physical and mental preparation, so that he can acquire a better dynamism and a greater ease in the practice of his sport.

Is the style of play desired by the coach taken into account in the development of your preparation program ?

I will not say that I have to take into account the style of play of the coach, I must above all be attentive to the evolution of everyone on the field. Anyway, there is a unique preparation for the team. However, the work can be customized according to individual skills and conditions. I have to listen to the coach, the masseur-physio and the player.

"Why not bring professionalism to amateurism"

Is knowledge in the physical domain enough to be a good trainer in the world of football ?

Certainly not. We must be passionate, in phase and attentive to everyone. It is not just the muscles that make an athlete perform, the mind plays a preponderant role. If the head goes, everything goes and the body and the spirit are one. Both of these adages are real.

What advice would you give to players in a period of physical preparation to prevent injuries ?

That they are respectful and attentive to their staff. Respect is not defined only by politeness and good manners. We are here to take care of them and accompany them throughout the season. The preparation does not stop at the first match but throughout the championship. If we are in pain on D-Day, it is because we are ill-prepared. You have to know how to suffer during training. The matches should be the icing on the cake. So here are the four words that players must remember: Respect, presence, motivation and rest.

What can you wish for in this adventure ?

Good road, because the road will be long and winding. But we are going to write a great story, I sincerely hope so.

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