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The promotion of young talent forms an important basis for the model of our club and is essentially aimed at ensuring long-term success. 

For a young player, this means following an individual journey with us based on our standards and values and being part of our holistic, innovative and specific promotion of young talents. 

In order to be able to follow this path successfully, we take responsibility for the development of our players and are aware of our position as role models. In doing so, we focus on our basic sports, social skills
and educational. 

Our goal at Lausanne City is to introduce our young players to high-level football and to develop their conscientious and independent personality.


Thanks to our infrastructure and our philosophy of training and playing, we are convinced that we will become a center of performance meeting the highest standards and attracting the best regional, national and international talent.

We strive to develop personalities who will be leaders and role models, who constantly strive for improvement in training, competition and school and who also give their best outside of sport to achieve their dream of playing professional football. 

Holistic training approach

The training of our athletes is geared towards supporting and challenging particularly talented players within the framework of holistic development. This is based on the following three fundamental pillars: 

  • Soccer

  • Education (school and work)

  • Personality

In addition to optimal footballing support, our young talents must also receive the best possible school education in order to create a secure and stable starting situation which they can use to shape and control their own future.

In this regard, we strive to help each individual obtain the highest possible qualifications upon leaving school. 

Teaching values is extremely important in the development and education of our athletes. Especially, mentality, discipline, will, honesty and team spirit are fundamental for us and are already taken into account in our selection process, alongside sporting and academic aptitudes.

Within the professional framework of our performance center, we support each talent in its development towards an independent, driven and strong-willed personality capable of making the transition to professional football by providing optimal training. 

In everything we do, we have a responsibility to provide our athletes with skills and competencies that will serve them as young people throughout their lives in all areas. 

Driving force behind the development of our youth

We strive to continuously develop and optimize the development of our young people. Quality training, demanding competitions,

a professional environment and the individual support of our players are the main drivers. 

The most important basis is our consistent training and playing philosophy. From the lowest level of youth football to our first team, we train and teach using innovative methods and to the highly skilled in an age appropriate manner. The latest discoveries and developments of science in sport are always taken into account. Both our internal specialists and our external experts serve as instructors and contact persons for our coaches.

The development of football-specific skills and abilities as well as personality enhancement elements is central to our daily work. Our talents must be characterized by passion, the thirst for success, respect, team and confidence to succeed individually and as a team. 


The philosophy of Lausanne City is based on the principle that sport and studies are of equal importance.
Based on a comprehensive overview of all educational requirements, the aim is to help every young player achieve
the highest possible individual qualification upon leaving school. The most common are a school diploma as well as vocational training. 

Professional training

All players are supported in finding a suitable professional training program based on the results of a complete profile. Our partners strive to meet all sporting commitments while by meeting the educational requirements. 


The overarching goal of our sports psychology work is the holistic and sustainable development of our young players to enable them to cope with the demands of sport and everyday life in the best possible way.



​Both in training and at school, our young players constantly face new learning challenges.In a competitive situation, they are regularly confronted with the challenges of regulating their emotions and managing both successes and failures. In order to be better prepared for this, specific skills are taught and reinforced both individually and as a team.



The main objective of our work is the psychological accompaniment and support of our young athletes and coaches on and off the field. 


Lausanne City provides its academy players with care and treatment of the highest quality. Our physiotherapist  participate in a wide range of training and expertise courses to meet the highest standards of physiotherapy care in competitive sports.


Despite our commitment to performance, we offer our young players comprehensive support.The health of our players is the highest priority for us. In the event of difficult or ambiguous processing situations, we will always make a decision that is in the player's best interest. 


We try to support our players, involving them in discussions of sensitive topics and helping them to find the right approach to integrate into the training. There is also a clear dialogue between the players, the coaches and physiotherapists. As some parents of our players live far away, we immediately notify their guardians in the event of an injury and provide comprehensive updates.


We are in constant exchange with experts from all areas of sports medicine, in order to offer the latest and most innovative treatment options. 


Much of our department focuses on injury prevention. Players are treated weekly to prevent injury as soon as possible. 


We are characterized by our complete network of the best medical facilities. Our network includes specialists in all fields, which makes it possible to make appointments as quickly as possible.

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