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Cette photo démontre diverses personnes qui sont susceptible de venir aider le club.


The City in the Community  celebrates the club's ongoing commitment to the Lausanne community. CITC's main objective is to develop the club's existing football programs in order to create a positive social impact within the community.  

With the support of fans, City in the Community uses the power of football to promote employment, inclusion and physical activity.  

The community outreach program engaged with young people using the power of football to promote health, education and leadership development and create safe community spaces.  

City in the Community also aims to forge closer ties between the football club and the local community. Social responsibility being an essential element of the fabric of the city of Lausanne. 


Lausanne lacks safe and accessible sports spaces for young people to play and be active. The Lausanne City, together with our community partners, is committed to changing that.  

We will do this to ensure that young people in every community in the city of Lausanne have access to a safe place to play, learn and lead.  

We will do this with your support. We will do it for the city. 

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