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Oscar Patino, appointed coach of Lausanne City FC.

After a well-deserved break following promotion with FC Le Mont to the 3rd league, Spanish coach Oscar Patino has been officially introduced as coach of Lausanne City FC. He says he was attracted by the club's project and its ambition.

How are you first ?

Listen very well. After a period of rest to devote myself to my family, here I am ready for a new challenge.

Tell us about yourself in a few words ?

I am someone who defends a certain idea of football with conviction, protective of these players and committed to them.

Why did you agree to join Lausanne City FC ?

We have the same vision of what amateur football should be and although there is everything to do, the project remains a very stimulating project for any coach.

"The president is doing everything possible to ensure that players and staff can work in optimal conditions"

What are your goals ?

Succeed in transmitting my philosophy of football to the players so that we can have fun safely and off the field.

In recent years you have coached various clubs (Luc Dorigny, Lusitano and FC Le Mont), what is your view of the level of the championship and the ambition of Lausanne City FC ?

I find that the level has dropped in almost all amateur leagues in recent years, it is more and more complicated to motivate our young people to commit to the long term, there is too much distraction and a certain form of laziness settles down. Today social networks are more a problem than a means of distraction and for those who engage, it is still necessary to manage equals. I say congratulations to all the coaches for their involvement in their club. Regarding the ambition of the club, it is ambitious and realistic at the same time. The president is doing everything possible so that the players and the staff can work in the best conditions, what more could you ask for.

"We have the same vision of what football should be"

How can you define your game ?

Based on my philosophy, a style of play that takes into account everyone's strengths and weaknesses to try to bring the team to the best possible collective level.

What can you wish for ?

To learn every day. This is what makes it possible to evolve.

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