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Nice win to go home with the right foot.

Nice victory for the first team for the resumption of the championship.

On a complicated ground due to the weather of these last days, the two teams (FC Romanel) have nevertheless done the possible to show beautiful game.

A great start with two goals from André Brandão after 10 minutes. Nevertheless, FC Romanel reduced the score at the 35th minute by their experienced midfielder Lionel Pisani.

Before going back to the locker room for half-time, André Brandão scored again from the penalty spot (39th).

Mr. Cokovic's speech at half-time allowed the team to come back on the field with the ambition to secure the victory quickly by scoring again two goals in less than 10 minutes and thus to be able to manage the result.

With a hat-trick and a quadruple from our two strikers, our team starts well its second round with ambition and goals in mind.

Goals: André Brandão (3x)

Thomas Sankara (4x)

Yves Nanzueto (1x)

Gianni Simone (1x)

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