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Defeat to Valmont.

Lausanne City did not manage to beat only FC Valmont in the first half of the new season.

At the start of the match, 4 points separated the two teams. Lausanne City had the chance to move to within a point of their opponents and keep up the momentum of their climb up the table.

After a good start to the game, with a fine strike from Jefferson and a fine save from the opposition keeper, the team conceded two goals from Valmont's first shots.

In the second half, Lausanne City conceded a penalty to pull level at 1-2 (James Ramel's goal).

Unfortunately, the opposition scored the third goal straight from the restart. The team continued to force the issue and managed to score the 2nd goal (Bryan Gomes).

It was a tough defeat for Lausanne. Nevertheless, they have a chance to turn the page when they travel to face AS Haute-Broye on Sunday. Kick-off 10:30.

Première édition de la City Cup.

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