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Victory against LS Nord Academy.

For its first home game, our team won against Lausanne Nord Academy with a score of 14-1.

In optimal weather and field conditions, our team quickly imposed its style of play and put pressure on the opposing team.

With a result of 8-0 at half time, the players started on a good basis in the second half to conclude with a score of 14-1.

A new week of work begins with the next game in mind and focus on our goal.

We would like to thank the supporters who came to support the team and look forward to seeing you at the next game.

Goals: Hamza Ouared (4x)

Brandão Marques André (3x)

Conor Jackson (2x)

Ibrahim Tato (2x)

Gianni Simone (2x)

Michel Pham (1x)

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