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The team still can't get it right.

The team still can't get it right.

In our second match of the season and first at home, our team drew with AS Haute-Broye.

Thanks to a goal from Naim Dallagi and a fine run from Yannick Nkufo, our team went into the break with a 1-0 lead.

At the start of the second half, we conceded a penalty for a defensive error.

City could have taken the lead from the penalty spot too, but the opposing goalkeeper made a fine save and Abdalrhman Shuhane (the penalty taker) was unable to push the ball into the net from the rebound.

The opposing team took the lead after a quick counter-attack before we were able to equalise after another counter-attack and a goal from Boully Nkoya.

A complicated start to the season for our team. With their sights set on promotion, the team will have to get back to training and work very quickly to get back to winning ways.

Next game: Saturday 2 September at 8.15pm against FC Yvonand.

Devenez membres du Lausanne City.

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