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Presentation of our physiotherapist, Hakim Dridah.

Hello Hakim, how are you ?

Hello, I am doing quite well. Thank you for that.

Tell us about yourself in a few words ?

My name is Hakim Dridah, I am 28 years old. I have been a physiotherapist at Medifit MTC for 2 years now. I have always been very passionate about sport and physical activity in general. I'm a polysports person myself. I spent a good part of my teenage years playing judo in competition. Afterwards, I competed for 5 years at national and international level in stand up paddle racing with 3 qualifications and 2 participations in the world championships for the Swiss team.

In parallel, I run, skate, windsurf and have a passion for photography.

Why did you choose to join the Lausanne City staff ?

The club is brand new so there is everything to do! And if I can bring in some added value on injury prevention and management with my physiotherapy skills that will hopefully contribute to the longevity of the club.

"My goal as a physiotherapist is to accompany the players, to prepare them and to prevent any kind of injury they might encounter during the season"

What does this club's project mean to you ?

In my job as a physiotherapist, we see a lot of injuries related to sports, whether at amateur, semi-pro or professional level. Our job is to rehabilitate, reathletise and ensure that the risk of re-injury is as low as possible. Unfortunately, all too rarely can we intervene upstream, before the accident occurs, to try to reduce the risk factors of injury as much as possible.

So I see this project as an opportunity to do the work that every physiotherapist would like to do!

What similarities do Lausanne City and your professional career in sport have ?

Like this club, I am a young physiotherapist with more personal experience of sport than my experience as a physiotherapist. My experiences guide me, help me and above all allow me to understand the fears/frustrations of sports patients a little better.

"Like me, this club is brand new and it is therefore an excellent opportunity to create a structure to prevent and avoid injuries"

What is your role in the club ?

As a physiotherapist, I will be responsible for implementing a prevention programme as well as injury management throughout the season.

When and how will you intervene with the players ?

I will be involved in the physical preparation phase, especially in order to implement methods that I hope will help the players perform better and, above all, safer. I will also be available to guide the players in the management of pain related to the practice of the sport and I will also be there in the first instance to refer them to a doctor if necessary.

What can we wish you in this new challenge ?

To be able to share privileged moments with the players and the staff of this team, that my work serves to advance the club in the best of directions and that through all this, I feed my skills and my experience as a physiotherapist in order to constantly seek to improve in order to help the future sportsmen (ives) in the prevention and the management of their injury

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