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Zacarias Da Silva brings his experience with Lausanne City FC.

Hello Zacarias, how are you ?

Good morning ! Thank you. I am very well.

Tell us about yourself and your relationship with football ?

So how to start! I am 35 years old and I am of Angolan origin. Married and father of two children (a girl and a boy). The choice of kings it seems. My relationship with football starts simply like most footballers. I like this round ball. Football is a universal language. On the pitch, we don't need to talk a lot to understand each other.

I started playing football at FC Forward Morges before being recruited by Lausanne Sport and joining the juniors (U15) up to the first team. After the club's bankruptcy, it was through FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy and FC Yverdon-Sport where I was able to gain more experience. It's little by little that I pick up the cleats through the 2nd league of Orbe, FC Lutry and FC St-Prex with promotion at stake.

Why did you choose to join the Lausanne City staff ?

It's been about 7 years since I picked up the crampons but always with this desire to come back but in a different role where I could bring my experience but also feel involved in a project. The president (Mario Marques) is a longtime friend. When he told me about the club's project and what he expected of me, I was very interested. The role that was offered to me allowed me to have the click that I was waiting for to finally return to the world of football.

"As an adviser to the president, I want to bring the experience of my years in the world of football to the club and its project"

What do you think of the club project ?

It is a project with many ambitions. It is a project that inspires and makes football fans dream.

You arrive as an advisor to the president, how will you bring your experience to the club ?

In the role entrusted to me, I will use my experience for several years in the world of football so that we can achieve the club's objectives. This in the short, medium and long term. To also provide my help within the technical staff for the recruitment of players and that all together, we lead the club to success.

"The Lausanne City project is very ambitious and makes all football fans dream"

What can we wish you in this new challenge ?

Success in this new experience.

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