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The club would like to respond following press reports published this Friday, February 16, 2024 in the FootVaud media.

L'équipe n'y arrive toujours pas.

The management is aware of the publication of slanderous and defamatory information in the #FootVaud media concerning Lausanne City.

Firstly, it is stated that members of the club's management did not wish to comment on this article. This information is false. We expressed the wish to be able to respond to a journalist from the media, which the editor is not officially.

What's more, he's a former player who decided to leave the club. This is neither deontological nor ethical. We asked to speak to Mr Suat Jashari (head of the FootVaud media) before publishing the article in order to state our point of view, which was not respected by the media and Mr Jashari. According to him, he was not informed of our wishes, which is also incorrect.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Klaus Alain (General Secretary of the ACVF), regarding the comments initially made by the editor and immediately corrected. The latter explicitly denied the statements made by the media (FootVaud). After contacting Mr Lucas Panchaud to express his dissatisfaction, the editor was said to have misunderstood.

In addition, each player receives a set of club regulations on arrival. We do not retain any players as mentioned by Mr. Nkoya Boully. Furthermore, his transfer has been approved to join his new club FC Turc. However, as stipulated in the club regulations and the ASF boycott procedure, "Clubs may request the boycott of one of their members for unsportsmanlike conduct or failure to meet his financial obligations to the club".

The Lausanne City players receive no compensation or salary as mentioned in this article. No promises have been made either. Nevertheless, they benefit from certain advantages with our partners.

In the case of the sponsorship mentioned, the club decided to terminate the collaboration between Lausanne City FC and FCM Carrelage with immediate effect, following inappropriate remarks made by the owner of FCM Carrelage to members of the club. Consequently, the club has returned the sponsorship amount pro rata to its commitment.

Mr Tidiane Diouwara's comments are untrue, as the club reimbursed the means of transport requested by Mr Mamady Toure (deputy), for which the club has proof of payment.

Once again, we wish to denounce the defamatory statements made by the contributors in this article about the club and all its members.

Devenez membres du Lausanne City.

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