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Meet Christopher Schwindt Lausanne City's new coach.

Rencontre avec Mattia Deon, responsable juridique du club.

The club management is pleased to introduce Christopher Schwindt as head coach of #LausanneCity. We asked him a few questions so that we could get to know him better.

Hello Christopher, how are you?

I'm very well, thank you, and you? (club answer: we're very well, thank you).

Tell us about yourself in a few words so that everyone can get to know you better!

I arrived in Switzerland in 2012 and have had the opportunity to play in teams in the promotion league, 2nd inter league and 2nd league with promotions. I have a great passion for football and coaching, and have been a coach since the age of 18. I've had the chance to coach in France as well as in Switzerland at junior and women's level, winning titles and promotions in the aforementioned categories.

"It's an ambitious club, with football connoisseurs, a competitive team and quality. It's a new club where almost everything has to be done, so it's exciting."

What motivated you to join Lausanne City and the first team?

I wanted to continue to grow as an active coach, to win new titles and promotions, without restraint or constraint. I'm really hungry for victory, and to climb the ladder to achieve my goals and also have a first team. It was almost a priority, and the first contacts with the club's management matched my ambitions and theirs perfectly, even if it's only in the 4th league. I had the experience with Gland and I had an extraordinary team with which we won promotion to the 3rd league.  

"Initial contacts with the club's management matched up perfectly with my ambitions and theirs."

What do you think of the "City" project and its current popularity?

It's a very ambitious club, with football connoisseurs, a competitive team, with players from former top levels and quality youngsters, and it's also a very young club where everything is almost yet to be built, which is exciting! It's a club that sometimes gets a bad rap because of its innovative side, but I love it, and I've rarely seen a 4th league club with so many things at its disposal and a communication side of this calibre.

"I'm hungry to win and climb the ladder to achieve my goals and those of the club."

What do you think you can bring to the team?

I know what I'm going to bring to the club and, above all, to my team, and that will be proven and reflected on the pitch. My philosophy and my character will, I hope, enable the players to experience pleasure in training and in matches, and a strong connection with their coach. 

Finally, what can we wish you?

I'm going to keep to what I say internally to my boys in terms of objectives, but otherwise only success and above all that I contribute something to enable the club to grow further and myself too!

Première édition de la City Cup.

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