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CITY WOMEN: The club is preparing to launch its women's team.

Updated: Jan 5

L'équipe n'y arrive toujours pas.

Dear players,

We are delighted to announce some exciting news: Lausanne City is looking to extend its commitment to women's football by creating a women's team.

This initiative marks an important step in our drive to promote gender equality and offer equal opportunities to all football enthusiasts.

Lausanne City will always be a club that values inclusion and diversity, and we are convinced that the creation of a women's team will reinforce these values. We firmly believe in the strength and potential of women's football and are committed to supporting the talented players who want to play for our club.

The aim of the women's department is to create a competitive and ambitious team capable of competing with the best teams in the region.

Do you recognise yourself in this description? Would you like to help shape the club's history ?

Don't wait and join Lausanne City now !

Devenez membres du Lausanne City.


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